Friday 21 September 2012

Pratham Books Champions


Pratham Books was born when a generation brought up on the pleasures of books and reading realised that a vast majority  of children in India were deprived of this experience. There were not enough good books for children in different Indian languages.Growing numbers of children in primary schools were struggling to learn the basic skill of reading and this was also affecting their overall ability to learn through the medium of print. The need for a variety of reading material for children at this stage is crucial for their educational journey. While creating good books for early reading is important as is unfettered access, what is equally important is the way books enter a child's life. Reading to children, telling them stories, opening the door to the simple but wondrous worlds that lie between the two covers of a book goes a long way towards making them curious, interested and autonomous seekers of knowledge.

With a mission of getting a book in every child's hand, Pratham Books publishes attractive, affordable books in 11 languages. In addition to being a publisher, Pratham Books also promotes reading through a variety of activities and events. The 300 million children of India in the age band of 3-14 years cannot be reached by one single organization. Fortunately for us, there are other people who see value in our work and are as passionate about children, books and reading as we are! 

Through social media platforms, we have managed to connect with a large number of them to put their good will to practical use. We call them CHAMPIONS as they champion our cause by working with us whenever they can spare time to do a specific activity. In this way, the joy of reading reaches groups of children across the country, it builds local relationships and introduces good books to children in different and unique ways. Our Champions read a selected book to children in their chosen neighbourhood and each of them has added their own special flavour to that event. Drawing, singing together, long discussions, sharing food and of course, becoming a local hero as the favourite uncle, aunty, didi, bhaiya, akka...can be a very special reward for sharing time with children along with a good book.

Recently, on International  Literacy Day, more than 250 champions from across the country joined us in celebrating books with children! Collectively, we've reached more than 18,000 kids with the help of our champions. Phew! This couldn't be possible if we tried to do this alone. And that is why we need more champions!

So, imagine a relay where nobody has to run but the number of batons keeps multiplying at an alarming rate! 

Would you like to pick up one of the batons and be a Pratham Books Champion? You can run with the baton or you could pick up several and even juggle with them! We will show you how.

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