Friday 20 September 2013

Pratham Books Champion : Yashas C.J.

Yashas C.J. shared the following story about his storytelling session. Yashas C.J., currently works as a Teach For India fellow in a low income municipal school in Chennai. He has over 8 years of corporate experience and is currently on a community empathy sabbatical from his organization.

He works as a class teacher for a bunch of 36 excited students of the “United Universe” classroom (Class 2B – “United Universe”). His hobbies include reading, creative writing, post crossing and cycling.

Stories capture attention span across age groups. Being a teacher, its a joy to ocus towards improvement of skills like reading fluency and reading comprehension and what better way to do it than via a read aloud of an interesting book.

As the banner was put up and the event was discussed about and kick started, the energy levels of my students reached new heights. As I started reading and dramatizing the story, they listened in rapt attention. They were joyful when we learnt new words like “Giant”,”Village” etc. (I teach a Grade 2, First year intervention  class room and my students are rapidly picking up vocab.) and they were written on our word wall.

The energy levels were infectious throughout the time in which the story was being narrated and the children literally danced with JOY when it was read out to them  in the end that Paplu won the good will of his friends (villagers), by his good deeds.

Thus, this whole exercise proved to be super educative academically and the icing of the cake was children walked away with important values for life.

Thanks Pratham Books for this wonderful initiative. May your tribe increase.

Thank you Yashas for spreading the joy of reading!

This International Literacy Day, Pratham Books has taken a 1000 steps towards a 'Reading India'

What started as a small step by Pratham Books to spread the joy of reading has become a movement. Last year Pratham Books initiated the One Day-One Story initiative on the occasion of International Literacy Day and we conducted over 250 storytelling sessions. This year we are delighted that over a 1000 sessions are happening across the length and breadth of the country.We will be sharing the stories of all our champions through our blog.

View more pictures from the International Literacy Day Celebrations.

This blog contains stories sent in by all our champions. Browse through the blog for more stories. You can also go through the tags on the right side of the blog to find stories happening in your own city.

Note : If any of you want to be a Pratham Books Champion and join us on our journey of getting 'a book in every child's hand', write to us at web(at)prathambooks(dot)org.

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