Wednesday 9 July 2014

Pratham Books Champions : Smitha H S

Smitha H S sent us the following post about the storytelling sessions she has been conducting.  Smitha is a mother of two kids who enjoy stories and reading Pratham Books and is a lawyer by profession.

As part of the Tentastic campaign, I am telling stories to children at SG International Public School, Nandini Layout, Bangalore. 

The Principal and the school staff have shown great support and enthusiasm in allowing me to come in and share stories with the kids now and then. So far , I have conducted two sessions ; one for nursery kids and another for prep-I (LKG) students. Below is a brief report of each of the sessions and photos. 

Session 1 : 10th June 2014 
Story : Topsy-Turvy 
Age group : 3-3.5yrs

The kiddies had just begun their first ever week in a school. The story of a boy dreaming/waking up to magic in the house kept them entertained! Even weepy ones paid attention to small details of the story and had something to share at the end. The teacher told me she will be telling them more Pratham Books stories during this year.

Session 2: 2nd July 2014 
Stories: Smart Sona, The Generous Crow
Age group: 3.5-4.5yrs

All the kiddies, about 60 of them gathered in the school library and were a curious and happy bunch. Animal and bird stories are always a hit. So I started with The Generous Crow. Kids had a great time cooing and cawing like koels and crows. It was one noisy story telling session which I throughly enjoyed. Since they wanted one more story, I picked Smart Sona and they loved it too.

Thank you Smitha for helping us spread the joy of reading!

In 2014, Pratham Books is inviting people to become TENTASTIC Champions. This year's champions initiative is a year-long storytelling drive. Join our tribe of champions and commit to conducting ten storytelling sessions for children during the year (including the main one on International Literacy Day). Lets make reading contagious!

Register to be a TENTASTIC Champion.

View more pictures from other TENTASTIC sessions.

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