Saturday 10 September 2016

Pratham Books Champion : Bebook Goa

Arundhati Chattopadhyaya signed up to be a champion even before we formalized the One Day, One Story event. While we were initially testing to see if anyone would be interested in conducting storytelling sessions (in 2011), we received a call from Arundhati. Since then, we look forward to seeing her name on our champions list. Bebook Goa shares her experience on their blog :

This was the week for Pratham’s book champ and Arundatti read ‘The Elephant Bird’ at Our Lady of Succoor. She was assisted by our student volunteer, Joshua Fernandes. It was read out in the passageway which has been covered from all sides to keep the rainwater away. Joshua helped with the e-book. We used yellow ribbon strips to make the bird’s tail with the help of the children. After the story was discussed and read the children enacted parts of it. The boys were also very keen on playing Munia’s character as she came out as the brave one and the girls were amused at being asked to play a male character but they went ahead and did it anyway.

Right in the beginning when no one could’ve guessed the ending, the children came up with many innovative versions to prove the elephant bird’s innocence. Someone said that Vayu had been invited by the elephant bird to play; hence he was still somewhere in the jungle. One boy said that Munia trusted him since he was an herbivore therefore he couldn’t have eaten him. It was interesting how children were able to come up with explanations immediately.

It was an intriguing story session parts of which have been captured in the following images.

Arundatti reading the story to the children at Our Lady of Succoor with out student volunteer, Joshua Fernandes.

The children made a bird tail prop out of a broom stick and some ribbons.

Initially, boys wanted to play the elephant bird while the girls played the role of Munia.

Soon they switched and the girls played the bird while the boys were more than happy playing the role of the little girl.


Thank you Arundhati and Bebook Goa for spreading the joy of stories.

In its fifth edition of the 'One Day - One Story' campaign, Pratham Books was joined by 3000+ storytellers who conducted 3200+ storytelling sessions. Many, many steps towards a 'Reading India'! 

What started as a small step by Pratham Books to spread the joy of reading has become a movement. In 2012, Pratham Books initiated the One Day-One Story initiative on the occasion of International Literacy Day . We will be sharing the stories of all our volunteer storytellers (Pratham Books Champions) through our blog. View more stories from the International Literacy Day Celebrations held in 2016. 

This blog contains stories sent in by all our champions. Browse through the blog for more stories. You can also go through the tags on the right side of the blog to find stories happening in your own city. 

Note : If you want to be a Pratham Books Champion and join us on our journey of getting 'a book in every child's hand', write to us at champions(at)prathambooks(dot)org.

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