Wednesday 16 July 2014

Pratham Books Champion : C. Mangalam Senthil

C. Mangalam Senthil shares photos and notes from her first storytelling session at Yadalamma Govt School, Kanakpura Road, Uttrahalli.

Yadalamma Govt School, Uttrahalli is a place where I have previously been to conduct a storytelling session.

When I reached there and asked the kids if they remembered me, they shouted....puppet, monkey, butterfly, caterpillar.

They had forgotten my name as I it had been a few months since I met them. However, the story (Monkey Puzzle) remained in their memory and I was happy.

We played the 'idli, vada, tea' game and then we all settled down.

And I then told them that I would be telling them two stories from Pratham Books. The 35-40 children of class 1-3 were all ears for the story of "Mimi & the Buffalo".

There was one little girl of Class 2 who had brought along her sibling who was around 8 months old.  The baby slept off after some time of the start of the story.. :)

The children thoroughly enjoyed doing the actions of the boy on the bike, the lady trying to lever the buffalo, the injection of the vet being stamped by the buffalo, the policeman who went flying off when the buffalo said bhooooooo.....

Then they all hugged each other like how Mimi hugged the buffalo.

Then two children came up and told the whole story again in front of the whole class.

I told the stories in English as I am not fluent in Kannada. So, if the children said that they did not follow any part, the teachers there would translate those parts into Kannada for them to understand.

The second story started off with them saying ABCD... and then when I asked Y for .. they all went YAK....

Told them the story of Yakity Yak... They all went Yak, Yak, Yak.

On the board, then drew the picture of a Yak with all its friends.

The children enjoyed looking at the colorful illustrations of both the books and they had a great time. Many of them came and shook hands with me and asked when I would be coming next. I was humbled!

Thank you Mangalam for helping us spread the joy of reading!

In 2014, Pratham Books is inviting people to become TENTASTIC Champions. This year's champions initiative is a year-long storytelling drive. Join our tribe of champions and commit to conducting ten storytelling sessions for children during the year (including the main one on International Literacy Day). Lets make reading contagious!

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