Tuesday 15 July 2014

Pratham Books Champions : Neela Gupta, Pooja Motwani and Shweta Dave

Neela Gupta writes in to share how she, Pooja and Shweta conducted a storytelling session to celebrate their friend's birthday. Neela has worked as a librarian for about 30 years in different kinds of libraries (research library, an industrial library, a public library, a college library and school libraries). Neela has also volunteered with different underprivileged groups and tried to introduce them to the world of books. Pooja and Shweta are currently studying in third year of MSU BBA and works as helpers at AURA.

We, Pooja, Shweta and self celebrated friend Vaishali's birthday by sharing a story and then playing games with children and adults of a rag pickers' community. (Instead of using the the word 'rag pickers', we call them the Eagles group). These children do not go to any regular school for various reasons. When Vaishali came to know about this, she started giving them her time twice a week. We too decided to gift our time to her Bacchas instead of buying any material gift for her.

2 years ago we had celebrated her birthday by gifting a library of Pratham Books for her under served children's center. This year, she is also serving the Eagles group and teaching them to read and write. Often, she carries Pratham Books among many other books for them to read and for some who can not read, they love to look at the beautiful illustrations and touch, smell books.

It was so touching for me when I saw how mothers left their work and slowly the group became bigger. Couple of them who could read, started reading and they also requested us to come again with books so that they can also learn with their children. We realized how hungry they are for learning!

Thank you, Pratham Books for giving us this opportunity. 

Thank you Neela, Pooja and Shweta for helping us spread the joy of reading!

In 2014, Pratham Books is inviting people to become TENTASTIC Champions. This year's champions initiative is a year-long storytelling drive. Join our tribe of champions and commit to conducting ten storytelling sessions for children during the year (including the main one on International Literacy Day). Lets make reading contagious!

Register to be a TENTASTIC Champion.

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