Monday 15 September 2014

Pratham Books Champion : Sanjeevani Hospital Foundation

Hiten from Sanjeevani Hospital Foundation writes in to tell us about the sessions conducted by them. The Sanjeevani Hospital Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in the year 2012 with the aim of promoting awareness regarding education and health in the suburbs of North Mumbai. There are two major spheres of influence the Foundation works in – children’s education and women’s and children’s health. The Foundation has two separate arms carrying out activities in these focus areas. The Knowledge Center has been active since 2008, conducting a weekly club 'Dynamindz' in the area for children aged 7-15

Session conducted on : September 6th, 7th, 9th
Number of kids : 62
Number of sessions : 4
Language the session was conducted in : English, Hindi and Gujarati

We had a wonderful book reading program of " Takloo, The Little Salt Seller" We conducted total 4 Book Reading Sessions out of which two sessions were conducted on 06.09.2014, one on 07.09.2014 at Sanjaavani Hospital Foundation and one sessions was conducted on 09.09.2014 at local Mira- Bhayander Gujarati Medium Municipal School.

Details of which are as under:
6th Sep - one sessions at Sanjeevani Hospital ( No. of children 5) and second at Sanjeevani Medical Center ( No. of children 6),
7th Sep - a session was conducted at Sanjeevani Medical Center ( No. of children 35) but unfortunately we forgot to take pictures:):),
9th Sep - a session was conducted at local MBMC municipal School( No of Children 16).

After the session we have done few activities with children like Drawing Takloo, Drawing Takloo 's hair with eyes closed, embossing 1,2 and 5 rupees on a paper, throwing chalk/ball in Takloo's open mouth which was fun for these kids and they have enjoyed a lot.


Thank you Sanjeevanu Hospital Foundation for spreading the joy of reading!

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